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What does it cost to attend Scouts
1st Cold Ash Scout Group is a registered charity. The leaders volunteer their time to provide a fun, safe environment for scouts to engage in numerous adventure activities. As a parent of scouts attending 1st Cold Ash Scout Group you may be asked to assist from time to time in fund raising activities, transportation to camps etc. This assistance is vital to ensure we have the necessary funds for tents and camp equipment used in activities throughout the year by the Scouts.


There is a Annual member subscription (known as SUBS) of £105 a year payable at the start of term (September) or alternatively it can be paid 3 times a year (£35) at the begining of the new term. All subs must be paid within the first two weeks of Term.

On joining Cold Ash talk with the Leaders about the the most convenient way to pay.

Whats Subs For ?

Your Subs fees are used towards Scout Association insurance, district functions group upkeep and leader training. Additionally the group covers hall hire and activities and resources used in sessions.